Our Policy

  • QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT – POST Offers crewing 1 hour pay day loans services based on the principles of STCW,  SOLAS,  Flag state, State legislation and Customer requirements. POST. Commits to comply with the Quality Management System as per requirement of  ISO 9001 POST.  Conducts its service in order to reach the quality objectives established and reviewed on annual basis. Customer’s satisfaction, continual improvement the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the good name of POST are the philosophy of each employee.


  • SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE POLICY – POST ensures engagement in service qualified, disciplined, medically fit seafarers capable to prevent the hazardous occurrences leading to accidents, incidents or any type of loss to customer’s property or environment. POST participates in safe and legal activities only.


  • DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICY – POST prohibits the unlawful possession and handling of drugs and alcohol on board of any vessel and on POST premises or when conducting POST business.