Vission & Mission


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To be the service provider of world class seafarers & maritime transport.



It is our mission to develop and produce seafarers that delight our customers as well as improve their well being, their lives and their environment.



A commitment to excellence backed by the resources to do the job right. And 1 hour payday confidence that every seafarer will meet customers satisfaction.

Dedicated seafarer throughout the research development and learning proccess drive the POST commitment to QUALITY & PROFESSIONALISM.

To maintaining constant day-to-day QUALITY, POST has adopted the world-class seafarer produce principles, “a process for continuous improvement & learning process of all seafarer and maritime transport”



Always striving for excellence, focus, innovative, 1 hour approved loans committed & pro activeness.



Honest and upright

As a service provider, POST is expected to benefit and further strengthen it’s business synergies and economics of scale from related operation of shipping business. Through the provision of reliable, professionalism, competitive services and managed by experienced personnel has enabled POST to meet the various demands of it’s customers.